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Best Single Source For Quality Facilities Maintenance Services.

We know that you care about your facilities — and we do, too. In fact, LES’s leadership team understands all of your maintenance needs from first-hand experience — they spent years in the building management side of the business, preparing budgets, working with tenants, hiring vendors and suppliers. At LES, our single source resource and bundled services set us apart from our competition, and our values and principles drive home our passion to fulfill our purpose to serve you. We know that you have multiple contracts to manage, and are required to multi-task in different roles on a daily basis, which is why we are proud to make your life simpler and more fulfilling with our single source resource for all your facilities maintenance needs.
We’re passionate about caring for your buildings and serving you.

Whether you need a door installed, some lighting fixtures enhanced, or a window repaired, there is an abundance of day-to-day facilities maintenance issues that occur year round that, as a facilities manager, you need to manage. It can be stressful, tiring, and costly to deal with multiple companies for each of your respective maintenance needs. We empathize that you’ve likely even experienced some of the consequences that comes from dealing with unreliable companies, or handling stacks of certifications and different contracts. It can be an accounting nightmare to just get everyone paid through the corporate system. This is simply not the most effective (or fun!) way to run your facilities. This is where we come in, to offer you our undivided attention, service, and value, and commitment to serving with passionate intention. We want to help you do your job better, and feel fulfilled during your daily life. As such, we’re committed to providing you with the highest quality building maintenance services available. Some of our single source services include:
General Repair Services
Our Bundled Services support you and your business
Striving to serve you in the best way possible, we offer a wide variety of building maintenance services. With LES, you only need to manage one contract and insurance certificate. We consistently deliver extraordinary service with integrity. We have created Maximum Value Packages (MVP) to provide more support for your multi-faceted facilities maintenance needs. Our Maximum Value Packages offer reduced costs on several of our services of your choice. This allows you to tailor our services to your needs, for less money, time, and stress.

The values behind our single source resource:
Efficient – We help you to reduce stress, and gain time by providing a single source resource and our Bundled Service Programs.
Freedom – We serve to relieve you of the burden of multiple contracts, insurance certificates, and admin services for your variety of maintenance needs.
Professional – We are committed to value and extraordinary service. Our quality inspectors continually evaluate the work we do, which is another aspect that makes IMS unique in our field.
Trustworthy – Our core values of honesty, compassion, and serving serve to build long-lasting, loyal, and trusting relationships with our customers.
Prompt – We are on-call all day and all night, to meet any maintenance need you have, at any time. Our 24-7 on-call provides round-the-clock support for emergencies or less urgent needs.

Our leadership principles:
 More than just offering Maximum Value Packages with our single source resource to meet all of your facilities maintenance needs, our LES leadership team is founded on strong core values, and leadership principles to which we passionately adhere:
Value relationships with everyone
Celebrate and recognize achievements
Provide a supportive work environment
Personal accountability
Embrace dynamic change
Be authentic
Be intentional and have stoic resolve
Be content but never complacent

Choose from our Single Source Resource offerings
Our single source resource includes a vast array of facilities maintenance services that are available to you. Below are some of our critical facility services that our technicians can help you with in urgent times.
Emergency Service and Repairs
Flood and Fire Restoration
Water Extraction / Clean-up
Carpet Drying and Disinfecting
Window Leak Repairs
Board-Ups and Break-In Repairs
Bio-Hazard Waste Clean-Up
Retail Services and Repairs
Plumbing – Electrical
Drain and Sewer Services
Irrigation / Main Line Breaks
Dedicated Response Team
Special Events Maintenance Staffing
Scheduled After-Hours Service
LES is committed to serving our customers, providing the highest value, working with integrity, and treating every customer as we’d like to be treated. We offer comprehensive solutions underpinned with the simple and enduring values of loyalty, innovation, commitment, and determination. Please contact us today with any questions or to receive a quote!