Lightning Exspress Supply
At Lightning Express Supply our mission is to ensure that your establishment has a spotless, tranquil, and uplifting work environment through noteworthy service built on integrity and hard work. We understand that you are busy, therefore our purpose is to provide commercial services that will relieve you from any stress and worries. Our endearing vision is to establish a long term relationship with you for a thriving and efficient work environment for all.
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We specialize in

Auto Showrooms
Medical and Dental
Commercial Property
Industrial Turnarounds
Commercial Clean up

Safety is our #1 commitment

We are here to take care of the services costing money through manager’s time. We take care of the burdens so managers don't take time from their busy schedule.

Lightning Express is here to help with all your needs big or small

Our janitorial services consist of:

-Hard Surface Floor Care
-Carpet Care
-Window Cleaning
-Construction Clean up
-Escalator and elevator cleaning
-General Maintenance
-Special Event Services
-Entrance, reception area and foyer cleaning
-Horizontal surface dusting
-Floor dusting, wet mop and machine scrubbing
-High dusting
-Stripping and refinishing
-Air condition vent cleaning
-Restroom Sanitation
-Window washing and blind cleaning
-Cleaning of light fixtures, baseboards, millwork, etc.

General maintenance
Inside your building:
Dry wall
Hardware replacement
Tile and carpet installation

Outside your building:
Maintenance upkeep
Power wash building and sidewalks
Repair and clean gutters
Repair stucco or brick walls
Repair walkways
Repair doors

Post Construction Cleanup

LES has an excellent track record with final construction clean up for medium and large size projects including schools, factories, and office buildings. Jobs will be scheduled in cooperative effort to meet construction deadlines. Areas or expertise include window cleaning, floor care, wipe down, disinfectant rest room cleaning, stainless steel polishing and pressure washing. We use the best equipment and supplies available for each job. 
Let us follow any construction for Quality Assurance. LES can insure services are being performed to profesional standards.  
Facility Restoration
 Better Busness for Your Business
Lightning Express Supply is all about quality service restoring your building for larger profits.
We are a supplier of time for your managers, comfort to your customers and pride for your facility.